Men and Depression

As a man who has suffered from depression and continues to attend a men’s depression and anxiety support group, I believe depression in men is greatly under reported.  Many men do not admit to having depression.  Some feel they just need to “Buck up” or “Pull their boot straps up”, so they do not consider getting support.  Others tend to self-medicate.  While more women attempt suicide, more men die by suicide as they more often chose a more violent method.  I really appreciated the graphic below.

Please Note: Although I appreciate the graphic,  I do not agree with ever using the term “succeed” when speaking of suicide–I have sent a message to the Holiner Psychiatric Group as well as David Wallace, the author of the blog that contained the graphic, to express my concerns on their language usage).

Click here to see the original site from which I obtained the graphic.

Men and Suicide Graphic

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