The Broken Leg Analogy

I really appreciate this article. Depression and anxiety ARE illnesses and should be treated as such. A greater understanding of this fact would do wonders as far as eliminating the stigma around mental illnesses.

Through the Amygdala

Relax! There are no gruesome broken leg images here. I googled it. It was not good. So, no pictures.

If you have had a mental health problem you already know what I mean by the title, don’t you? Ahhhh the broken leg analogy! Incredibly useful but inherently flawed.

One of the major contributors to mental health stigma is that people can’t see it and there is no scientific test to numerically measure it. Gradations of severity are based on subjective (well-trained) opinions. I often find myself wondering ‘am I really ill though? Maybe if I just tried a bit harder I’d be ok?’. I was having this discussion with my nurse this week. I’m going to call her Nora here which totally isn’t her name but Nurse Nora is good alliteration, OK? Well, it’s happening.


Right, so I’m discussing with Nora how I’m not really ill and I’m a…

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