I’m “Depressed!” – A Poem

The weather outside is depressing.
I failed my test…I’m so depressed.
My soccer game got rained out…how depressing!
Really? REALLY?!?

I couldn’t get out of bed.
I lost 60 pounds because I couldn’t eat.
I was only able to sleep four hours for an entire week, yet laid in bed for hours throughout the day.
I couldn’t do the simplest of household chores.
I got lost driving to a neighbor’s house three blocks away.
I couldn’t concentrate.
I couldn’t read.
I couldn’t watch TV.
I lost all interest in my hobbies.
I couldn’t socialize, although I’ve always been outgoing.
I had delusional thoughts.
Finally, I had thoughts of suicide that I couldn’t escape and eventually a detailed plan of taking my own life.

And you’re depressed about the weather? Your failed test? Your soccer game getting rained out?
Really? REALLY?!?

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