Guest Post: nOCD Improve lives with 24/7 care

The following post is the first Guest Post on my blog. This post describes an app that has been created to support those living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). While I personally do not live with OCD and have not utilized this app, I cannot personally endorse it. That being said, I believe in sharing possible resources that may improve one’s life. Please feel free to post comments or questions! Thank you. Al

Due to the first hand experience that our founder and other team members have had with the OCD recovery process, nOCD was started. We were fed up with the issues surrounding its affordability, accessibility, and quality. nOCD, standing for “No OCD”, is an online platform that we believe would have helped us during the worst of our struggles and that currently is already helping thousands of others with OCD today. The platform is designed to help people with OCD during all four phases of treatment: 1) coping with the onset of OCD symptoms, 2) selecting a care team, 3) actively managing OCD treatment, and 4) maintaining OCD treatment progress. Our team is able to address each phase of treatment using a unique combination of highly vivid content and 21st century technology. For instance, people with OCD can view our content on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at @TreatMyOCD and download nOCD for free on the App Store (link to the app is on our homepage: (

People with OCD say the app has been a major difference maker. It gives people guidance in the moment of OCD episodes, a structured platform to do CBT exercises, a major community to talk with others around the world about everything related to this disorder, and real-time data 24/7. Here is more information about how it works:

SOS Guidance:

nOCD offers members clinically effective guidance in the moment of any OCD episode, using OCD specific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. During an episode, members can hit the button “SOS” on their phone, which tells the app to immediately provide Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (Response Prevention). For instance, if the member is obsessing, nOCD will ask questions such as: “Are you experiencing an Obsession or a Compulsion?”,  “What Obsession are you experiencing?”, “What triggered the Obsession?” and “How intense is your anxiety?” Then, based on the answers, nOCD will offer specific Acceptance Based Therapy guidance, to help the member effectively respond to the obsession without doing a compulsion. We believe the SOS feature can empower people with OCD to live their lives fully, knowing help is always in their pocket.

Structured ERP Exercises

nOCD provides members with the tools and organization needed to consistently do planned OCD treatment exercises regularly and effectively, acting like a mental gym. The main challenge with doing these planned mental exercises is that they instigate anxiety. Since the anxiety alone can reduce OCD treatment adherence rates, the app attempts to remove all pain point. It offers members the ability to create loop tapes, scripts, and drawings. It also has built in exercise reminders and educational tips.

Custom Therapy

nOCD customizes the entire treatment process to each member, helping augment therapy with licensed clinicians. Patients can customize their hierarchies, their compulsion prevention messages (acceptance based messages), their ERP schedule and more.

24/7 In-App Support Group

Inside the nOCD app, people with OCD can join different support groups and anonymously post to each groups wall. We’ve created a platform where people can support each other through treatment and learn quickly that they are, in fact, not alone.

Real-Time Data Collection

It collects real-time data about every aspect of the patient’s condition and treatment. It also longitudinally displays the data for every patient and clinician to see at any time. nOCD protects each users PHI data to the highest degree possible. For example, it uses a dedicated (encrypted) Ec2 instance on Amazon Web Services, SSL connection, Touch ID login access, LastPass Password security, and new, monthly, VM keys. nOCD is a HIPAA compliant commercial enterprise.

It’s important to note that we have many improvements and additions coming to all of this. We are growing as a team and will continue to make the whole nOCD platform as efficient and helpful as possible. We understand what the struggle of living with OCD feels like, and we are excited to keep working at this to help the almost 200 million people around the world that are struggling with OCD each and everyday day/night.
Twitter: @TreatMyOCD
Instagram: @TreatMyOCD


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