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On this website, you’ll find my BLOG POSTS and my PODCAST, The Depression Files. You can also read about “MY STORY” of two bouts of major depression. In addition, you’ll be able to book me for COACHING or PUBLIC SPEAKING events.

About My Blog: Mental Health

Here, you’ll find topics for which I am incredibly passionate:

  • Men and Depression
  • Suicide Prevention & Awareness
  • Stigma Around Mental Illness (and, particularly depression)
  • Our Current, Broken Mental Health System

The goal of my blog is to bring awareness to the general public around these topics.  I hope that through this awareness I can help to bring a better understanding of depression (particularly with men), perhaps save even just one life, diminish the stigma around mental health even in some minute way, and somehow positively impact a mental health system that seems often times to be of little or no support to the most vulnerable people who need it. Check out the Blog Posts now!

About My Podcast: The Depression Files

The Depression Files: Interviews of men who have dealt with depression. Educating some, supporting others, and chipping away at the stigma!

About Coaching

To find out more information on working with Al as your peer/life coach, please click here.

Public Speaking

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