BONUS Episodes Added to The Depression Files Podcast!

If you’ve never heard of The Depression Files podcast (, it’s a show in which I interview men who have struggled with depression and/or other mental illnesses. The goals of the show have always been to educate those who know little about depression and/or other mental illnesses, to support those living with a mental illness, and to chip away at the stigma.

I believe that sharing stories is powerful. When men (and women) hear men sharing their stories, it helps others realize that they are not alone. It also, hopefully, gives others the courage to share their struggles and, more importantly, to reach out for the help they may need.

For nearly three years, I’ve published an episode every other Sunday. I have recently decided to expand the show. On some of the “off” Sundays, I have begun to publish BONUS episodes. These are episodes in which I have a guest and we take a deep dive into a topic related to mental health. I’m excited to add this invaluable content that allows me to expand the scope of the show.

In July, I published an episode with Michael Pipich, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author, on the topic of bipolar disorder. In August, I published an interview with Dr. Peter Gutierrez, a suicidologist, on the topic of suicide. At the end of September, I’ll be publishing an episode with a former Minnesota state representative and her experience of having a son living with schizophrenia. I will also be publishing an episode with a doctor who administers Ketamine infusions for depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental illnesses and an episode with a woman who has received Ketamine infusions for depression.

I look forward to continuing these BONUS episodes to explore other topics related to mental illness in order to give the listeners additional content. If you have a suggestion for a topic for a BONUS episode, or if you’d simply like to connect, please email me at

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