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My name is Al Levin and I’m an assistant principal in a public elementary school.  I’ve been in education for over twenty years.  I’m married and have four children.

I’ve  completed all of the coursework in working towards a Co-Active coaching certificate through the Coaches Training Institute.  The coaching work has allowed me to support the staff I work with in the public schools, as well as others who are seeking support in reaching their goals or working past challenging times in their lives.

I am also a person who has recovered from two major bouts of depressive disorder, one of which was quite debilitating for nearly six months of his life.  Through this experience, I have become very passionate about learning more about mental health and supporting others with a mental illness, particularly men with depression. In addition to a blog, I have a podcast in which I interview men who have struggled with depression and/or other mental illnesses. You can find my podcast at TheDepressionFiles.com/podcast. I also speak publicly for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and on my own. I was recently appointed by the governor to the Minnesota State Advisory Council on Mental Health. You will also find me Tweeting @allevin18.

I have been published in The Mighty, The Huffington Post, Psych Central, The Recovery Letters, Made for More, and was featured in Esperanza Magazine.



9 thoughts on “About Me

    1. allevin18 Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s incredible just how debilitating & how powerfully negative depression can be. The feeling of pain and the unrealistic, but very real feeling of being a burden to others is frightening. Good luck to you!


  1. John Panigas

    Hello Al,
    I have been following you podcast and actually suggest listening to it in my workshop. I have written a book titled: Crazy, Who Me? My Journey as Leader Overcoming Depression. It is my story: good, bad, and ugly. It also has a happy ending as I have been able to overcome and manage this beast. As a result I have developed a methodology based on my experiences. The workshop is named, R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Regaining Your Authentic Leadership. I’d like to discuss the opportunity of appearing on your podcast.


    1. allevin18 Post author

      Thanks for listening to and promoting my podcast. Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment, as well. Would love to get you on the show! I’ll connect with you via Twitter and we can go from there! Thanks again for reaching out. Al



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