Public Speaking

Al has given presentations in many venues regarding the story of living through two bouts of major depression. His presentation provides the perspective of one in a leadership position who had to make the difficult, life-saving decision of leaving his job in order to check into a partial hospitalization program. He also shares information and data regarding depression through his interactive presentations. Al’s presentations are tailored for the audience in which he is presenting.

Al spoke publicly for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for several years and now, more often, on his own. He presented at the Mental Health America (MHA) annual conference and recently had  a Keynote at Miami University. 

Al believes that sharing our stories is one way to chip away at the stigma.

Public Speaking Testimonials:

“Mr. Levin described his experience with depression in a very personal and informative way.  His openness, knowledge and personal experience are exactly what we need to help us break down barriers and support those we love and work with who struggle with depression or other mental illnesses.  His presentation was a breath of fresh air in its honesty.  It was truly a gift to hear Mr. Levin’s story.  It will help me in my own life and help me better support my students and their families.” ~ Dr. Karen Duke, Principal, Saint Paul Public Schools


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